Friday, January 4, 2013

Berkshire Partners Appoints Kenneth S. Bring, Matthew A. Janchar and Greg J. Pappas

Berkshire Partners announced that Kenneth S. Bring, Matthew A. Janchar and Greg J. Pappas were appointed managing directors effective January 1, 2013. They join the current managing directors of Berkshire in managing the firm and its affiliated investment funds, focusing their efforts on finance, capital markets and portfolio support, respectively.

Bring, who is the firm’s chief financial officer, joined Berkshire in 2002. Prior to Berkshire, he was a CPA at PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he managed financial audits for investment management and private equity companies.

Janchar joined Berkshire in 2007 as director of capital markets with over 13 years of experience in leveraged finance. His primary responsibility is Berkshire’s financing activities. Before joining Berkshire, he was a managing director at Oak Hill Advisors, where he managed a variety of debt, equity and structured finance positions across multiple industry sectors.

Pappas joined Berkshire in 2010 as an operating partner responsible for overseeing portfolio support activities. Prior to Berkshire, he was a senior partner at The Parthenon Group where he managed its private equity practice, was chair of the business development committee and was a member of the firm’s executive committee. -Business Wire